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Online dating photography

November 30, 2015

Online dating photography

Online dating seems to be the most popular way to meet people. These days you don`t even have to say in your profile that you are “willing to lie about how we met” – it is perfect acceptable now! Which is great, however, the new challenges present themselves for anyone considering online dating – how do I create a profile that portraits me the way I want to be seen? How do I tell my story and be interesting without meeting this person? How do I structure it? What is the most important and what should be left for our first/second/fifth date? Finally, I don`t have any pictures! At least, not the ones I like… Oh well, maybe let`s do it some other time…

Stop! Don`t do this! What if your “the one” will meet someone else while you are debating whether it is worth your effort?

Vancouver is a tough place to find that special person, no kidding!

I will be very happy to help you with your online dating profile, starting from creating beautiful images that are casual enough not to look too staged, but at the same time reflect your personality. I will also review your existing profile and offer you some suggestions.

Pricing - $300 for 1 hour session (outside or in a studio, weather dependant), you`ll receive 30+ images.

I recently did this shoot for David, and he was saying that he is already meeting great people!

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