Engagement photography in Vancouver

Sandra and Trevor`s engagement session took place in Langley, British Columbia.


March is a tricky month for a photography session in Vancouver, as the weather is so unpredictable and, well, rainy. Somehow we got lucky, and also watching the forecast helps a lot, and we got a great overcast day in the park with some sunny breaks.
Sandra and Trevor met the usual way these days – online. I think at least half of the couples I get an honor to photograph actually met through a dating site or other online medium, so it definitely becomes a standard way to get to know one another, and, naturally, fall in love. Trevor brought his dog, Abby, to the shoot, and she was definitely a star of the session.



I really enjoy having pets at an engagement session, after all, they are part of the family and very much deserve to be recognized in the pictures. Besides, they definitely bring spontaneity to the shoot, and it is my best chance to capture candid laughs and goofs.

The park (Derby Reach) provided wonderful background for the shoot with a barn, old fences and some flowers, and the grass couldn’t be greener on our side of the world.





Engagement sessions are extremely helpful for both bride and groom and the photographer. It is a chance to get to know each other a bit better, to get comfortable in front of the camera for the couple, and an opportunity for the photographer to know your “good side”. Most photographers include an engagement session into their packages exactly because it has a great value for both parties and significantly helps easing the things on a wedding day. Therefore, I always recommend my couples to have an engagement session before the wedding day. If there is enough time, it also gives a couple a great choice of pictures for save-the-dates, wedding invitations and decorations for the wedding reception.

About Julie Doro Photography

My name is Julie, I am the owner and the main photographer of the photography studio based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I love my job, and I am very proud and happy to have a lot of returning clients! It is so much fun to see their families grow bigger year by year! I have been running my studio in Vancouver for 3 years as a full-time photographer, dedicating all my effort to serving my clients better and delivering exceptional work.

When I am not taking beautiful images, or editing pictures, or educating myself on the latest photography trends and technology, I spend my time traveling around the world with my husband (we’ve visited over 40 countries by now), skiing or hiking in beautiful British Columbia, researching new restaurants, cooking some new exotic dish, watching movies or visiting vintage clothing shops to find some unique gems.

Being very passionate about weddings, family, newborn and maternity photography, I am very honored to be trusted by many clients to document their special events. Every family is unique and it is truly a pleasure to capture beautiful moments along its development – starting with the wedding, going into maternity and newborn images, and continuing with annual family photography.

Even though photography equipment is not the main thing you want to know about your photographer these days, you may be interested to know that I am using the top level Canon cameras, lenses and flashes. Also, I pay the highest level of attention to backing up every single item – I always have a replacement of substitute for everything, from camera bodies and lenses to memory cards and batteries. Technical fails are pretty much not humanly possible with this level of backup! I never lost a picture and I am very proud of that!

Get in touch with me for your special event, I will be very happy to offer a lot of recommendations to make it very memorable and, of course, to capture great images to enjoy and keep forever!

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