How would you describe your photography style (e.g. traditional, photojournalistic, creative)? How would you describe your working style?

I would probably have to call it eclectic, because depending on the time of the day and the events I will be acting differently. For example, during the bride getting ready part I may be wearing a hat of a product photographer, capturing the details, rings, flowers, the dress etc, and being in the corner, trying to catch the reactions of the bridesmaids helping her, or her mom hiding tears. I may give a little bit of directions, mainly involving the juxtaposition to the light and backgrounds.

During the ceremony I will be blending in as much as possible, so you won`t hopefully even notice me and I`d be able to get great shots from different angles, capturing candid emotions.

Couple portraits, bridal parties and family portraits involve quite a bit of direction, simply because more than two people are involved. I will likely be moving people around and definitely be conducting the scene to ensure everyone who is important to you is being photographed.

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