Why wedding photography is so expensive? And why is it still worth it?

Wedding photography is quite expensive, that is true. However, wedding overall is an expensive event. While you are spending thousands of dollars on the dress, décor, food, drinks and venue, the day is flying very fast. The pictures, along with the video, are often the main thing that captures all the moments of the day, and preserves the memories for your family forever.
Wedding photography is a huge responsibility; there will be no second chance to take a picture of the first kiss. It is a combination of a lot of practice, education, skills, experience that brings the successful and predictable result. Professional photographer knows very well how to choose the perfect location, always mindful of backgrounds, aware of little details. He or she is always ready to capture the moment, always prepared with the equipment (batteries are charged, memory cards have room, flash is charged, lenses are appropriate).
There is always a lot of expertise behind the back of a professional photographer, not to mention the costs of the equipment. Just to suggest an estimate, the cost of the gear is over $10000, not including computers, professional software, educational expenses.
You may rely on your friend with a camera to capture your big day, but the cost of a mistake may be too high and no wedding could be repeated. Please trust professionals to do the job and produce the best possible pictures that will be a part of your family history.

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