Plan of the day

It is important for all of us – bride and groom and myself, the photographer, to get together prior to the wedding and discuss the plan for the day. At our first meeting it will very likely be general – you know roughly what you want, you have some idea about the number of people, maybe the venue, but you won`t know the exact time or any specific details yet. It is totally fine, as long as we briefly go through the plan and I get an idea about the scale and the theme of the wedding. We`ll have our next meeting closer to the date, maybe a month prior, and by that time you`ll have much more details and very likely a plan of the day will be defined.

The reason why I need to know all this information is because I need to understand where and when all the events are taking place, so I can be there on time and be able to get the best spot for the pictures. I may need to go to the location prior to the wedding to make myself familiar with the conditions, lighting, backgrounds etc. Also, if there are any cultural traditions you`ll be integrating into your day, I will need to know about that in details. It will help me to position myself better and get the best possible pictures for you.

So, to summarize, I need to know the following info:

  • date of the wedding

  • time of the ceremony and other critical events

  • all the locations with addresses (eg your house for “getting ready” shots, ceremony location, reception venue)

  • any specific traditions or parts of the wedding

  • some family and friends connections and maybe some details your families, such as someone needing special assistance or having special needs of any kind.

In order to have all these information in one file, I will be sending you a questionnaire to fill in about a week before the wedding.

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