Advice on makeup

I strongly advice brides to consider having professional make up and hair stylists on your wedding day. It is not too expensive, but it will help you feel and look your best, and also feel really special and pampered up. It is a good idea to meet with the professional before the wedding, discuss what you have in mind, and maybe consider a rehearsal for make-up/hair style. If you decide to have a professional makeup artist working with you, she will know all the recommendations to makeup from the photography standpoint.
However, if you decide to do it yourself or have a friend to help, please consider not using any glitter in eye shadows or powder, and choose matte options vs glossy. The reason for that is that glitter particles reflect the light and especially with flash photography, you may get unnecessary spots on your face from reflected lights.
It is also a good idea to carry through the day some matte paper, as well as some powder and lipstick. You may also need a tissue and a little mirror, just in case of an emotional overflow.

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