What to prepare

For the baby - It is always nice to have a few clothing options – consider having ready something light colored – white or light pink for the girls, and something with bright colors. Please make sure you have something – pants or a cute tiny skirt maybe to cover the diaper, which is usually not too photogenic.

Some accessories are great to have handy – think about little hats/bows, flowers bands, may be a favorite toy or a teddy bear. Also, think about some cute items that you got from the grandparents – may be there is a blanket that the grandmother made herself? Or a doll from a family collection? There is always something that will make family members happy!

I will bring a lot of different props, baskets, blankets, covers and throws, so we`ll have a lot of options, but I am always happy if there is something you have that could be integrated in the picture and have special significance for you and your family.

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