Newborn pictures are usually being taken during the first two weeks after the birth date, the sooner the better. The reason for that is that at that stage the babies are sleeping most of the time (which is exactly what we need for those adorable pictures), and can be moved around quite a bit without waking them up. Also, they are not suffering from stomach issues yet and are much calmer and cooperative compared to after two weeks from birth. The downside is that the parents don`t know the routine yet, don`t have a sleeping/eating schedule defined, and therefore can`t predict the best time for the shoot. However, I find newborn photo shoots being a game of waiting and patience. If the photographer is the most persistent one, the baby will have to give up eventually and fall asleep=) That is why it is hard to say how long the shoot is going to take – from my experience, it can take anywhere from an hour to four hours.

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