Boudoir photography for me is something very classy, artistic and tasteful. A way to celebrate your beauty and femininity, showing how gorgeous you are.

You can do it for yourself, or for someone special... Either way I promise you`ll enjoy the process, and even more the results and will be looking at the pictures years from now!

What do guys think about it?
"Over the years I've received ties, socks, handkerchiefs, driving gloves and lots of other impersonal (and frankly useless) things from the women in my life. They all end up in 'the drawer', where they'll collect dust forever.
But recently I received something different. It was wrapped up, and was big, flat and heavy, far too hard and heavy to be socks or a tie. Upon unwrapping it, I was very pleasantly surprised to see my beautiful girlfriend (now my beautiful bride), looking just absolutely ravishing, like I had never seen here before! What a thoughtful gift, I thought! A whole hardcover book of intimate pictures of her, wearing all of the lingerie that she knows I like the most, and looking more gorgeous and confident and feminine than I'd ever seen her before. No other woman has ever taken the time and effort to create something so personal, sensual, intimate and thoughtful for me. This is a gift that I will treasure forever, just like my wife. I'll never know what my girlfriend's ulterior motives were for giving me such a gift. But I do know that this girl was different from all the others."
- David

Boudoir sessions are $400 (it includes professional makeup and hair, 30 retouched digital images and two hours of shooting), and it is truly about you. Give yourself a present of showing your beauty.

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