Pet Photography

Pet Photography

I love pet photography for the joy and love surrounding it. Our pets are open and honest about their affections, and they get the same in return from us! Let me capture beautiful moments of you and your dog playing together, sweet cuddles with your cat, and pure laughs.

I had a passion for pet photography since I was a kid. I think my cat had the biggest amount of portraits ever! She used to be a very patient model, and I practiced a lot. It definitely requires a lot of patience, but the reward of getting a great shot is huge!

As with people’s photography, I am always trying to show your pet’s personality, whether he is playful and cheerful, or a bit shy and reserved. Sometimes it takes time to capture a beautiful image, but I am always making sure all the parties are enjoying the session. So if you are thinking about having a session with your pet, here are a few ideas to make it fun and get great images!

Firstly, as Vancouver is well-known for its unpredictable weather, we`ll need to watch the forecast to choose a good day. It doesn`t have to be bright sunshine, an overcast is actually even better for the pictures as it helps to avoid shadows.

Secondly, it is best to plan the session for the time when you and your dog usually have a walk, so the routine is familiar for your pet, and he or she is excited about it.
Finally, dress comfortably, but smartly, so you could be comfortable playing with your dog. After all, it is about having great time for both of you!

Pet sessions starting from $250. Call or email me if you have any questions!
+1 604 417 7439